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Top international students receive Avans Scholarship

avans-scholarship-003Studying in the Netherlands is a very expensive undertaking for students from outside the European Union. The 24 top Avans students from abroad received a €3,000 scholarship on Monday afternoon to help them cover their expenses.

Executive Board Chairman Paul Rüpp awarded the Avans Scholarships during a festive ceremony that included an improvisation show hosted by Mark Dekker. “Internationalisation is of paramount importance to Avans. As Avans graduates, you will be able to find a job anywhere in the world and work with people from different cultural backgrounds. We are proud of you”, Rüpp said addressing the students.

Tuition fees four times as high
Avans has awarded the Avans Scholarship to the best performing non-EU students since 2009. Students have to earn 60 ECTS credits in 1 year to become eligible for this scholarship. Those with the best grades are nominated. The tuition fees for non-EU students are four times as high as the fees for Dutch students.


Imad Gabrayel, master’s student at the School of Fine Art and Design|St.Joost, is one of the winners. Punt interviewed him about the workshops he organised for refugees in Germany.

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