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International students serve as Avans ambassadors


A group of international students has been representing Avans since the start of this academic year. These ambassadors travel to secondary schools abroad to share their experiences at Avans with pupils. They also serve as contacts for new students from their home country.

Martyna Mickeviciute, fourth-year student of the Bachelor of International Business and Management Studies from Lithuania, and Alex Chiodo, an Italian second-year student of the Bachelor of Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology, are both part of this group. They are excited about this initiative.

Pupils need an example to follow
Alex: “I was keen to do something for Avans. Taking part in recruitment activities gives me the chance to provide pupils with information. Pupils in Italy really need an example to follow. Otherwise studying abroad will never even enter their minds.”

Martyna also enjoys visiting schools. “I would have loved it if someone would have come to my school to tell me more about Avans. I always knew I wanted to go abroad but had to get all my information from the internet.”

Being homesick
The trip both students have enjoyed the most so far took them back to their respective home countries. Alex: “I’m very homesick so I was delighted to return to Rome. After all, the Netherlands is very different from Italy. I do find it an inspiring environment though. There’s so much interaction with businesses here. That will really be helpful for the future.”

Students who are interested in becoming an ambassador are always welcome to apply. Martyna: “As we spend a lot of time abroad due to work placements and minor programmes, the composition of the team changes a lot. This means we’re always looking for people who want to join us.” Although the ambassadorship is not a paid job, Avans reimburses all travel expenses. In addition to giving lectures the students also serve as point of contact for students from their home country. Alex: “Students may feel more comfortable asking a fellow student than asking the International Office. We’re here to answer any questions they may have.”

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