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Student of the Year nominee: Alex Chiodo

alex-chiodo-1920Not only does he achieve high grades, he also always manages to inspire his fellow students and pushes them to a higher level. This is only one of the reasons why Alex Chiodo, a second-year student of the Bachelor of Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology, has been nominated for the title of Student of the Year.

Alex Chiodo is a student from abroad who organises film screenings, achieves high marks and promotes Avans in his role of ambassador.

Film screening
ESSET is a small department that is part of the School of Life Sciences and Environmental Technology. “That’s why we don’t have a study society. Alex felt something should be organised for the students, so he came up with the idea to host an environmental science film screening followed by a debate. The only thing the lecturers have to do is make sure there is a classroom available. From promotional activities to picking films about our field: they can leave all the rest to him.” Lecturer Bruno Bastos Sales is full of praise about Alex.

‘Alex leads by example instead of imposing things on others’

“Alex leads by example instead of imposing things on others. He is full of energy. Groups of which he is a member always perform above average when it comes to group assignments. Reviews also show that his fellow students appreciate him. That’s not surprising, considering that he is always well prepared before the start of a group assignment. Most students do not even touch their books until week 4 or 5, especially the first-year students. Alex studies from week 1.”

“He also manages to hold a part-time job next to his studies. As an Italian he has to provide for himself here in the Netherlands. Hats off to him.”

What strikes Bastos Sales the most is that Alex is a very sociable student. “The students who achieve the highest grades tend to engage very little with other students. They are focused entirely on their studies. Alex passed his propaedeutic exam with a final grade that was above average. Nevertheless, his fellow students can always count on him. He helps everybody out.”

‘He’s a fast learner and makes valuable contributions to a group discussion’

Alex is also one of a group of international students serving as Avans ambassadors. Shen Li of the Avans International Office worked with him during Intercultural Communication classes and student recruitment activities in Italy. “Alex made a positive impression on me. He’s a fast learner and makes valuable contributions to a group discussion.”

Perfect ambassador
According to her, Alex is a perfect ambassador for Avans. “He always makes sure he’s well prepared and he’s fully committed. Alex really provided us with some valuable insights into the difference between Dutch and Italian students. He also really knows how to approach prospective students.”

This is the second time Punt organises the Student of the Year competition. Students, staff, lecturers and school boards have been able to nominate students by email for this accolade. All nominations will be assessed and a top 5 will be considered by the jury.

Jesca Heijker was the first to receive the title of Student of the Year.

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