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Dutch Lions FC are looking for football talent


Playing football in the US for 3 months. Does that sound like music to your ears? Dutch Lions FC will be present in Roosendaal football stadium on 23 March to scout talented football players who are excited to cross the pond to play football for 1 of the 5 Dutch Lions FC teams.

Simon Zeise, a third-year student studying International Business and Management Studies (IBMS), is helping Dutch Lions FC to organise their try-outs in the Netherlands. Zeise: “Everyone who enjoys playing football can sign up for our annual event. A number of Dutch Lions FC scouts will be on hand that day to search for talent.”

Winner’s mentality
Dutch Lions FC has 5 football clubs in the US and they plan to introduce the States to the Dutch outlook on football. “People in the US have a winner’s mentality”, Zeise says. “Winning is the only thing that matters there. They don’t care half as much about improving their technique. In the Netherlands, football tactics are underpinned by a full-blown philosophy. This gives us an edge, both as players and as coaches. Letting European talent play in the US for 3 months allows both sides to learn a lot from each other.”

Whoever joins the Lions in the US will be a professional football player for 3 months and play a number of matches against a range of teams. Zeise was surprised to learn that the sport is so popular in the States. “Americans have noticed that football is a major sport in other countries and they are keen to join in. Everybody has tons of knowledge of the world of football. They also follow all the European matches. They’re better informed than we are.”

 ‘You don’t need to be a pro’
Students will be the focus of this year’s try-out, according to the IBMS student. “You don’t need to be a pro to qualify to go to the States.” The top players will be fully reimbursed for all their expenses. Others who want to join will have to pay their own travel expenses and put their studies on hold for 3 months if necessary. Zeise: “Lot of universities are willing to enable students to realise their dream. Most students can come to some sort of arrangement.”

Zeise joined Dutch Lions FC after a lecture by Mike Mossel, the organisation’s CEO. “I’ve always been interested in football, so working for a club like Dutch Lions FC was like a dream for me. I proposed it to Mike Mossel and he gave me the chance to join his organisation. I’ve gained a lot of experience working for the Dutch Lions FC clubs over the past year. Avans students can contact me if they have any questions.”

If you want to take part in the try-outs on 23 March, please register using this link.

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