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Avans enters into partnership with Finnish university of applied sciences

Ondertekening overeenkomst Lahti door Paul Rüpp en Jacomine Ravensbergen van het College van Bestuur van Avans.Avans is establishing a close collaboration with Lahti University of Applied Sciences in Finland. In addition to facilitating student and teaching staff exchanges, the institutions will conduct joint research into new teaching concepts.

The School of Marketing and Business Management and the School of Health have been collaborating with Lahti for a longer period. Last week, the universities signed an agreement to turn this into a university-wide partnership. Lahti has five thousand students.

New teaching concepts

“We will be collaborating in three different areas”, Lennart Nooij, Strategic Adviser to the Executive Board, says. “Together, we will broaden and support our current curricula, work together more closely on strategic themes including internationalisation and quality assurance and jointly develop new teaching concepts.”

The Finnish university of applied sciences is a perfect partner for Avans because it has largely similar programmes and encounters the same challenges in quality assurance and building up a regional profile. In addition, Finnish education is highly regarded.

Different perspectives
“Finnish culture is similar to the Dutch. As a result, we can reach agreement quite quickly but at the same time benefit from their slightly different perspective”, Nooij says.

Punt. Of had jij nog wat?

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