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Almost every international Avans student has a place to stay

illustratie: Julika RunowWhereas in previous years Avans had to make every effort to house all its international students, this year almost every student from abroad has found accommodation. Thanks to the opening of new student accommodation in Den Bosch there are even some rooms left.

Last year, International Office (IO) staff expressed their concern over the large number of students still staying with friends or at hotels in September. Avans struggled in previous years to provide enough accommodation in Breda and Den Bosch for all its international students. Students who don’t study at Avans for a full year are particularly difficult to house. Previously, the lack of accommodation forced students to sleep in their cars or to live in a hostel at Avans’s expense.

Den Bosch
The IO started establishing contacts and creating new accommodation at a very early stage this year in order to avoid these kinds of situations, IO staff member Bjorn de Kort says. “Things are looking much better this year.” Former home for the elderly Zuiderschans in Den Bosch was turned into student housing with rooms also available for Avans students. By now all international students studying in Den Bosch have found accommodation.

On spec
Some ten students contacted the IO over the past weeks because they hadn’t been able to find a room in Breda. De Kort is confident that they too will find accommodation soon. “There are always students who turn up on spec. This is not unusual and we keep in touch with them. We’ve advised them do look for a room themselves. If a landlord lets us know they have accommodation available, we’ll put the student in touch with them.”

Please feel free to contact the Avans International Office if you have or know about student rooms available.

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