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Student of the Year nominees: ‘Kathy and Cécile have great empathic ability’

Enthusiastic students who give their all to their studies and to charity. This is how lecturers describe the two students Cécile Klein and Kathy Novoa. These 2, together with 7 other students, have been nominated for the prestigious ‘Student of the Year’ award.

These International Business students have a French-German and Peruvian background. Together, they support Human Works in Cajamarca, Peru. This organisation helps the residents of Cajamarca to become self-sufficient. Human Works provides things like language lessons to the local residents, many of whom are illiterate. They also teach them to produce goods and train them in business practices and to promote their handmade products. One of the main objectives for Kathy and Cécile is to involve as many Avans students as possible in this non-profit concept. They are involved with this organisation because they want to give something back to society. Luckily, their work also falls within the scope of their International Business studies in Breda.

‘An example for other students’

IBMS lecturer, Walter Evarts, uses terms such as ‘inspired’ and ‘positive’ to describe Kathy. “Kathy is an exceptional student,’ he proudly explains. ‘She is somebody who is continuously looking to achieve the best result in everything she does. She is incredibly resourceful and sets a great example for the other students.”

‘They’re not just motivated, but they genuinely care about other people’

Lecturer Hans Hendrickx, who knows both students quite well, adds: “These ladies absolutely deserve to win first prize. These 2 are extraordinarily entrepreneurial students who are motivated and proactive. What is maybe even more important is that they have great empathic ability. ‘They’re not just motivated, but they genuinely care about other people and are involved in society.”

The praise for these 2 IBMS students is extensive. According to their lecturers, ‘With French-German and Peruvian roots, it hasn’t always been easy for them as new students at Avans. But, when you see them they are always bright and cheerful. These 2 students clearly strive to be the very best version of themselves that they can be.’

Fellow student Shiwar Kader says that Kathy is eager to learn new things and that she is always cheerful. “You can’t help but smile when Kathy starts to talk about something, her passion just carries over. With that attitude, she’ll get far in life.” Student Claudio Hanssler knows Cécile very well. “I’m inspired by her intrinsic motivation. She is committed without expecting anything in return.”

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