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Yvonne Kanters new dean of ASIS

Yvonne Kanters starts on August 1st as dean of the Avans School of International Studies (ASIS). At this moment, Kanters is dean of the Utrecht Business School (faculty of International Business) and the Faculty of Marketing and Commerce. She is chair of Entrepreneurship@HU, a university-wide programme to promote entrepreneurship and she is chairing the restructuring of the Economic Domain at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

Yvonne Kanters started her career as lecturer in international marketing communications and English at the HAN and later at the International Hotel Management School (NHTV). She was then international manager at the Aston Business School in Birmingham and program manager international marketing communications management at the NHTV, responsible for international policy, partnerships and recruitment of international students.

Previous work
For quite some years she worked at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, as Programme Director Inholland Honours and Inbusiness Haarlem. She developed the concept of a new Business School. She led the necessary reorganization of the Economic Domain at Inholland and coached the change process.

The new dean studied Higher Teacher Training in Tilburg (English and French) and obtained her master degree in International Business Communication (in English and French). She specialized in International Marketing Communications.

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