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Get your own Avans hoodie!

Now is your chance to by your own university hoodie. Avans sells them for 20 euros.

The university hoodie is a representation of where you study. It’s a must have for everyone studying abroad. A token of belonging. The hoodie is also a cosy option for lecture and library attire.

You can buy a white or red one at ASIS, room HG104, until the 5th of April.

Punt. Of had jij nog wat?

Chennelle Amelo

waar kan ik zo een hoodie bestellen? een rode in de x-small size

2023-07-28 00:24:13

Chennelle Amelo

ik start binnekort bij avans en wil heel graag een hoodie bestellen kan dat nog ?

2023-07-28 00:19:44

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