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Avans cafeterias to start offering hot lunches

Streetfood at Avans

The three biggest Avans cafeterias will start offering a daily hot meal – one-pan dishes and/or street food – at lunchtime as of January 31st. These hot dishes are being offered at the request of a group of international students who complained of the current lack of variety of lunch options in the cafeterias.

There are hot lunch options available at the moment in Avans cafeterias, but nothing more than a seasonal burger, omelette or stir-fry. This will change at the end of the month with a varied daily menu of hot dishes: hot one-pan meals or street food.

“We’re thinking of things like risotto with parmesan cheese and wraps, but also Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine”, says Matthieu van Waardenburg, branch manager of the caterer Eurest at Avans. “We had been wanting to expand our hot options for a long time, so getting a signal from the international students was a good reason to do it now.”

Streetfood at Avans

The meals will be presented and garnished in an attractive manner. This forms part of Eurest’s new switch concept, where a different cuisine will be put in the spotlight in each period. Each of the modules will be given a fitting name, such as Taco Loco for Mexican dishes or Selamat for Indonesian cuisine. “This meets the needs of international students, but it’s also appealing for all other Avans students”, Van Waardenburg says. “Soon students will be able to enjoy a variety of hot lunches at Avans every day. Then they don’t have to eat a hot meal in the evening. That saves them time that they can spend on exercise or studying.”

Eurest wants to encourage eating more plant-based food, which means that products containing animal protein won’t be the only thing on the menu. The module Viva la Vegan was created with vegetarians and vegans in mind. These dishes will not be available immediately on January 31st. The new meals will be available at the three biggest Avans cafeterias: on Onderwijsboulevard in ’s-Hertogenbosch and on Hogeschoollaan and Lovensdijkstraat in Breda.

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