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Carnival for beginners: test your knowledge and take part in a pub crawl

The organisation of the Oeteldonkse quiz is checking the answers. From left to right: Mechteld Huijsmans (ORM), Mickel Dielissen (CE), Geert Kastelijn (ORM) en William Visser (IB).

Celebrating carnival is a novelty for many new and international Avans students. To familiarise these students with Noord-Brabant’s carnival traditions, lecturers of Avans hosted a pub quiz on Tuesday. On Thursday, there will be a pub crawl organised by student association Intarnia.

In case you missed the Oeteldonk pub quiz at Avans on Tuesday afternoon, organiser Geert Kastelijn has three carnival questions for you in the video below. Do you know the answers?

Find the answers of the quiz on this page below.

Intarnia pub crawl
And there’s plenty more for new and international carnival revellers to enjoy. On Thursday 8 February, newly founded student association Intarnia is holding a pub crawl in Oeteldonk. Paula Velasquez Suarez, a member of the Intarnia board, explains why they chose Oeteldonk: “Most of the activities for the international community take place in Breda, so we wanted to organise something in Den Bosch this time.”

Photo left: co-chair Lucy Göler (the person second from left). Photo right: board members Marie Blunck (left) and Paula Velasquez Suarez (right).

The plan is for as many students as possible to gather at the central station in ‘s-Hertogenbosch at 19:00 on Thursday evening, after which they will all eat together. “We kick-off with some typical Dutch food like frikandel and patatje oorlog. After that we will visit different pubs and guide our group through the city centre.” 

Paula emphasises that the event is not just for internationals: “Everyone is welcome, we like to invite Dutch students as well. They can help us with celebrating Dutch carnaval on the right way.”

Carnival first-timers
Although Paula has been living in the Netherlands for three years, this will be her first carnival here. “Carnival in my culture is different. I’m from Colombia and I’ve lived in Curaçao, where we celebrate carnival in a different way.” Paula will also be celebrating carnival in Eindhoven and Breda.  

The pub crawl is free and you can sign up by sending Intarnia a DM.  

Answers Oeteldonk Quiz
1. What is the Oeteldonk theme this year? Oeteldonk blèft plèkke.
2. What is the role of the ‘Peer’? Peer is burgervaojer van Oeteldonk. .
3. What is the reason for a three day party in Oeteldonk? Because the prince arrives at Oeteldonk Station.

Punt. Of had jij nog wat?

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