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Comeback of international student union Tipcy

It has been a little quiet around the international student union Tipcy. A couple of students of the Avans School of International Studies (ASIS) are going to change this.

Since a year and a half the union, for students of ASIS, has new management members. They’ve planned some nice events this year. For example the Black & White Welcome (Back) party, which takes place on the 11th of September in Kerkplein, Breda. In the afternoon there will be a ‘Work Placement Event’ in the lobby of Avans. Third year students will describe their foreign internship experience.

From China to Africa

Marlijn Timmer is the vice president of the union. ‘It’s nice to see students from all over the world become one during an event. There are students from China to Africa who all come together. When we started our study, there were hardly any events. So, we wanted to change that.’

The intention is that new students eventually become the new management members of the union. If you’re interested in Tipcy you can join their Facebook page for more information and events. [NvdB]

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