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3.000 euros for best foreign students

Some weeks ago, the best foreign Avans students were awarded a Scholarship Award cheque to the value of 3,000 euros, presented by Marja Kamsma of the Executive Board. To be eligible for the draw, students had to amass sixty credits within the space of one year.

Winners included students from all over the world, from China to Australia. To be eligible for a Scholarship Award, students were given one year to amass sixty credits. Out of the group meeting this requirement, students scoring the highest marks were selected. The reason for establishing the Scholarship Award programme is that the Netherlands is a highly expensive country for foreign students to study. Their tuition fees are over four times as high as those paid by Dutch students.

Kamsma’s opening speech started off on a somewhat serious note. ‘Young, intelligent, proud students: you are our future. Care for your fellow man, as that will get us on the road to jointly creating a better world.’ Following this serious part of the speech, Kamsma told the students it’s important to make time to have fun. And what better time than the present?

Immediately following the opening speech, the students were treated to a show packed with magic tricks and optical illusions. The theme of the show was ‘Letting in new experiences and emotions’. The tricks performed by the two illusionists showed that emotions are the same for everyone, whether you’re from China or the States. The magic tricks had the audience mesmerised. Using a jigsaw and a frame the illusionists demonstrated that removing a piece of a jigsaw creates a void. The void can be filled with new experiences. The jigsaw symbolised the students’ lives.


Prize-giving ceremony
Next, it was time to present the awards. Kamsma asked the students what made them decide to come over to the Netherlands to study. The answers varied widely. One Chinese student said that he someday hopes to improve economic relations between the Netherlands and China. Another student admitted that he is here because his mother made him go. The students don’t quite know yet what they’re going to do with the money. But here’s a tip: ‘Make sure it’s not all study and no play, continue to do what you enjoy doing!’


Punt. Of had jij nog wat?


Jij bent geen buitenlander. Jij wordt hier uitgebuit door de overheid, maar vervolgens belonen ze de buitenlandse studenten. Hmmm, strange. Isn't?

2013-12-12 09:43:57

Sjaak Rommel

Ik wil ook 3000 euro. Ik had er ook 60 in 1 jaar.

2013-10-16 14:17:03

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