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Building with bamboo in Krakow

Students and lecturers from the major in Architecture took part in ECOWEEK in Krakow. They shared their knowledge about building with bamboo and took part in workshops held by other architecture students.

ECOWEEK is an international, non-profit organisation whose aim is to raise awareness of current environmental issues, climate change and sustainable construction. It was the first time that Avans has taken part in ECOWEEK.

Sturdy arch
Students of the minor in Building with Bamboo went to work on bamboo together with other European architecture students. They built a large, structurally sturdy arch that can be easily folded up, making it easy to transport. In addition, they themselves took part in various workshops.

The construction material of the future
The participation in ECOWEEK was brought about by lecturers Michiel Smits and Gie Steenput. Steenput has a great deal of confidence in bamboo as a construction material. ‘It is the construction material of the future. It grows faster than wood, it is stronger than wood, it is environmentally friendly and cheap. The only problem is that we are not accustomed to working with it. This is why we want to bring as many people as possible into contact with bamboo.’

The students and lecturers have been invited to Copenhagen and also to Como in Italy next year to share their knowledge about building with bamboo. See Facebook for the photos of the workshops.

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